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Welcome to the Photo Web Home of  Arkady Mitnik.

Former USSR, Israel, The Netherlands…  Moving from country to country,  combining my favorite life style of music photography with electrical  engineering profession, at some point I have decided to switch to what I like most  – observing life and nature, taking and making photos.

I speak English, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.

Photo (c) Oleg Panov

Photo Galleries

These galleries show small extract from my collection of various photos.

Just click on your favorite gallery and browse photos. Questions ..? drop mail to jazz.image@gmail.com


The essence of my photography: Jazzy Images

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Landscapes and impressions

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Dark Room

B&W films and prints.

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A few samples of the weddings photography

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I just love to take portraits and improvise stories of these people..

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Some of my stories in the Russian language.

Несколько опусов на русском.

Most are still in a progress, I write them as you read )