My Scope

Being an advanced photo-journalist, I used to take photos and write articles  for money, but not any longer. Now days I conider it as being my lifestyle.

At my age I just may not cope with terrifying injustice any longer, and dedicate my energy to challange those bringing it to the world. Seeing horrible wars around the globe of the last few years, I feel need to dedicate part of my free time to bring an objectiove views to terrible events in Ukraine and Israel.

As a photographer,  I am specialized in Music- , Street- , Event- and Landscape photography

Furthermore, I really enjoy teaching and coaching less experienced photographers to develop their skills and show then methods of improving the quality  of their photos. 

I have developed several  workshops and courses including “Music Photography for advanced“, “Dark Room for beginners“, “Digital Photography for beginners“, but of course can design tailor-made trainings to meet needs of other photographers.